Basic poker rules
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Basic poker rules

888 Poker has already reached the competitive national market for online poker games! Considered one of the sites of its kind with the greatest growth potential in the world, 888 Poker offers all security guarantees because it is properly licensed, the organization that supervises and supervises games of chance. An internationally trusted brand, 888 Holdings – the company responsible for the website has hit the national market, immediately becoming one of the most popular and advertised companies of its kind.

Poker instantly on all devices

To try 888 Poker simply download the company’s software for free. From the desktop it is possible to play poker on traditional gaming tables, as a team, in 3D settings and even with your friends, through private gaming tables.

The best part is that to use 888 Poker on multiple platforms it is not necessary to purchase additional software or even change your account settings. One registration is only sufficient to have access to virtual poker tables on your mobile phone and any other portable device. The 888 Poker software is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

Tables for all portfolios

In addition to being multi-functional, 888 Poker is also available across all portfolios. By allowing its users enormous versatility, authorizing bets from 1 cent to € 1000, this service ensures that anyone – regardless of bank account is more than welcome. This feature makes 888 Poker one of the best sites to start playing; you can learn at low cost tables against less experienced players when you are starting out and take on the challenge of higher risk tables once you feel sufficiently confident in your skills as a player.

Entry bonuses that wipe out the competition

One of the main attractions of 888 Poker is its € 8 no deposit bonus. Receiving free money to bet on online poker seems like a lie, but it is not. You don’t need to do anything but register to receive € 2 in immediate cash and € 6 in tournament tickets. 888 Poker is confident that the quality of its service will be good enough for players who take advantage of this free deposit to be tempted.