Roulette: Play and win

Roulette: Play and win

Although roulette is not played as much today as slot machines, and may not enjoy the same popularity as betting, it is still certainly still the most famous gamble of all time. Its popularity as a game will hardly ever fade. The reason for this is both the simplicity of the game as well as the ability to withdraw substantial sums while the lucky one is on your side. There are several versions of roulette, but in practice only two surpass the others: European and American roulette. At online casinos, the latter does not enjoy much popularity, simply because it offers a worse chance of winning (read more on the topic below). However, it is, https://roulette77.usstill popular at stone-foot casinos, albeit only in the United States.

Roulette table and game rules

Roulette is a very simple game: the player’s goal is to bet on the number where the roulette ball will stop. There are 37 different numbers in the game between 0 and 36 (and in the American version also with a double zero). Some numbers are marked in red and some in black. Zero is usually green, meaning it is not counted in either of these two groups (this is important for the benefit of the house).

There are several different betting options. You can bet on any number, color, lowercase or uppercase numbers, even or odd numbers, and different combinations of numbers. The latter group includes many separate pre-defined betting options with different payout odds. The roulette round always starts with placing a bet.

Once the player or players have placed their bets, the game manager puts the ball in motion on the roulette wheel. When the ball stops, the winning bets on a number are paid to the players, and the losing bets are transferred to the pocket of the bank (i.e. the casino). After this, a new round is started. So the game is very simple, at least after you are familiar with the different bets.